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Sweatshirts, with or without a hood, make for a compulsory wardrobe essential for winters and cooler temperatures. These can also be customized using embroidery, screen printing or eco-encryption of the brand logos.

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These cotton and polyester blend aprons, with large pocket compartments, come quite handy for chefs working the kitchens and workers at restaurant counters among other places.


A polo shirt is an absolute wardrobe must-have for men. Ideal for both casual outings and corporate weekends, this outfit is increasingly popular amongst business, colleges and non-profits to promote their brands and events.

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​Dust-coats, also called lab-coats, are knee-length over-coats that are mainly used by doctors, pharmacists, lab workers and others in different work places and conditions as a protective garment. 


Water-proof and lightweight wind-cheaters made of nylon keep you dry during the rains. The same can be customized through prints and colors to maximize the stye quotient while keeping the comfort factor intact.

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Made of woven-fabric, shirts are highly preferred as corporate attire for its neat and professional look. The fabric ranges from chambray and filafil to denim and polyester-cotton blends. Be it solids or stripes, shirts make for a chic formal impression. 

Manufacture Tshirts


The most relaxed and laid back outfit comes in different sizes, colors and prints. An essential wardrobe pick for millennials, t-shirts in light and breathable fabric are style staples. Easy print customizations make it a perfect promotional item.